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The foot is an important and complex part of the entire skeleton

The foot is an important and complex part of the entire skeleton

Suffice it to say that it accounts for a quarter of all bones of the human body, or rather 28. They are connected by 107 ligaments and set in motion about 20 different muscles and tendons. When we walk, a full body load falls on the foot.

If for adults Shoes has long turned into an attribute of fashion and beauty, then for children shoes are, first of all, protection from the outside world.

In young children, bone tissue does not form immediately, the feet in children are flexible and soft, and until the bones are still strong, they are very sensitive to any pressure and stress. If the footwear is small or does not fit the foot well, the foot will tend to adapt to the shape of the shoe, thus there is a danger that the foot of the child will not form properly, and this can lead to various kinds of problems in the future.

To avoid damage to the foot, so that the bones and muscles of the legs develop in the best possible way from the very beginning, it is very important to choose the right footwear in length and width so that it does not put pressure on the foot and gives the necessary freedom.
Buying children's shoes is much more common. In young children, the foot should be measured every 3 months, in children aged 3 to 15 years - an average of 1 time in 6-9 months.

It is important to understand that the foot in young children is not a small copy of the leg of an adult. When choosing children's shoes, it is extremely important not only to correctly determine the size of the foot, but also to take into account the physiological structure of the legs. That is why the applied block for children's sandals is adapted to the structural features of the children's foot.

Thus, before buying children's shoes, make sure that they are made of natural materials, light, soft, elastic enough and strong enough to keep their appearance for as long as possible and reliably protect the child’s legs from possible injuries.